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The multiple disciplinary areas of expertise of our team reflect the three pillars of sustainable development.


This provides a coherent framework that allows us to work together to develop pathways forward that embrace a holistic perspective using a Two-Eyed Seeing framework or Etuaptmumk (Bartlett et al., 2012; Bull, 2016; Peltier, 2018). Etuaptmumk recognizes the importance of diverse knowledge systems rooted in different spaces and places and grounded in local perspectives, languages, understandings, ways of knowing and being (Martin, 2012; McGregor, 2018). This includes recognizing commonalities and variations in Indigenous knowledge and methods (reflecting many cultures, treaties, geographical regions), as well as the variations in Western world views (disciplinary paradigms).


Through engaging Indigenous youth and amplifying their voices, this project is anticipated to strengthen trust relationships with Indigenous communities and agencies. Through the co-created multimedia stories, insights will be gained regarding how we can employ diverse techniques grounded in different disciplinary methods to develop an innovative research and training program that builds on the synergies of Indigenous and Western knowledge and paradigms to have an impact. 

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