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2021 Community Projects

Enhancing Indigenous Youth Wellness 

A collaborative project between the Gudangaay Tlaats'gaa Naay Secondary School students of Masset, B.C. and Carleton Neuroscience students

​Infographic by Ally Metallic-Janvier

Climate & Culture Informed Model of Food Distribution

A collaborative project between the First Nation of Na-Cho Nyak Dun in Mayo, Yukon and Carleton Univerisity Neuroscience and Industrial Design students.

​Infographic by Leenah Abdelrazeq

Understanding Inuit Youth Wellness Through Social Entrepreneurship

A collaboration between students from the Iglulik High School in Igloolik, Nunavut and Carleton Psychology and Neuroscience students.

​Infographic by Sarah Lalji-Mawji

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